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Opening Soon...

Eagle Crown Holding, in collaboration with the Kurdistan Regional Government, is set to inaugurate Eagle Post Office in Erbil. The establishment will offer essential services, including:


  • P.O. Box rentals

  • Domestic and international shipping solutions

  • Local and international money transfer facilities

More Upcoming Projects

Petrochemical Plant, Station & Refinery

Eagle Crown Holding offers a wide range of services to its customer. It offers a full range of contracting models for project services from development through engineering and construction to project for operating facilities. Our team partners with customers and local communities to deliver energy solutions to the Iraq Oil Industry.


Eagle Crown Holding has an extensive and diverse portfolio that spans for various services to our clients of the process Industry. The refineries and processing of crude hydrocarbons is complex and demanding. These demanding requirements are solved with our specialty chemicals.

Strategic Motorway
Development in Erbil

Eagle Crown Holding in collaboration with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRI) in actively encouraging investments in the enhancement of road networks and transport systems.


This outlines the comprehensive proposal for the construction of vital motorways connecting Erbil, the capital, with key destinations including Haji Omran border, Ibrahim Khalil border, and Soran.


The project aims to significantly improve connectivity, reduce travel time, and stimulate economic growth.

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