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Domestic Gas Pipelines to Duhok Power Plant

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has initiated a significant project to expand its gas pipeline network, a strategic move poised to enhance domestic power supply, boost gas production, and potentially open doors to future gas exports.

Eagle Crown Company, previously known as Baysam Holding, has forged a partnership with KAR Group and taken on the responsibility of constructing four key stations within the Domestic Gas Pipelines leading to the Duhok Power Plant.

  1. Contract Name: GBV6 & GBV8 Stations   Contract Number: KGP2301-LT-GBV6&8-0001

  2. Contract Name: Duhok Receiving Station Contract Number: KGP2301-LT-DURS-0001

  3. Contract Name: Bandawa Junction Station Contract Number: KGP2301-LT-BAJS-0001

This collaboration underscores our commitment to advancing crucial infrastructure projects in the region.

Status: In Progress

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